Please allow us to introduce the first-ever biomass reader for shrimp, the BRS-1.

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Please allow us to introduce, the first-ever subsurface biomass reader for shrimp, the BRS-1.

Please allow us to introduce the first-ever subsurface biomass reader for shrimp, the BRS-1.

Shrimp aren’t easy to measure

Shrimp thrive in turbid water. Add in an aeration system, and there’s no way for the human eye or a camera to see below the surface.

See why that’s not a problem for the BRS-1

We developed the BRS-1 to do what nothing else can.

Minnowtech’s subsurface technology enables shrimp farmers to determine the total count and biomass of their shrimp with 95% accuracy, allowing them to optimize their harvests and profits.

Shrimp and counting
How the brs-1 works

How the BRS-1 Works

1. Device Deployment

The BRS-1 device is deployed by a Minnowtech technician.  It provides coverage for an entire pond, no matter the size.

2. Data Collection

BRS-1 sits under the surface of the pond and collects data using sonar. A technician will service the device on a routine basis.

3. Data Analysis

A Minnowtech technician will collect and transfer data to an online portal, giving you real-time access to your data.

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Impact on a Global Scale

Shrimp farming is a significant pillar of the global food chain, but it’s a tough business. Farmers struggle with high risks and low profits, and existing industry technologies fall short in providing the data they need to make crucial decisions. Farmers are often left guessing about how many shrimp to stock and how much and how often to feed them. And they can miss early signs of devastating events, like disease outbreaks. We want to change that.

About Minnowtech

Founded in 2018 in Baltimore, MD, as a collaborative effort between Dr. Suzan Shahrestani and Early Charm, Minnowtech develops precision aquaculture technologies to maximize aquafarmers’ cultivation efforts using integrated sensor-based systems.

Dr. Shahrestani has a PhD in Fisheries Science and is an expert in applying image analysis, spatial statistics, and population dynamics to the noninvasive assessment of aquatic organisms. Early Charm is a startup studio that co-founds early-stage companies based around intellectual property coming out of universities and federally-funded labs.

The Minnowtech Team

Marine biologists, seasoned business professionals, and a first-class field team.

Suzan Shahrestani

Co-Founder & CEO

Kelli Booth


Ken Malone


Colin Harmer

Business Director

Jacob Isbell

Machine Vision Scientist

Mary Beth Wickless

Industry Analyst

Bryan Gutierrez

Research Technician


Job Opening: Sales Associate

May 13th, 2022|

Sales Associate for Minnowtech: You will work to generate leads, close deals, and as a primary point of contact with our existing clients. What we do: [...]