Minnowtech’s Biomass Reader for shrimp, the BRS-1, reports shrimp biomass and total count for the duration of each growout cycle in your ponds

Shrimp Aren’t Easy to Measure

Shrimp thrive in turbid water. Add in an aeration system, and there’s no way for the human eye or a camera to see below the surface.

Minnowtech’s BRS-1 solves that problem with sonar. This is the same technology that dolphins use to locate fish. We’re using our sonar to accurately report shrimp biomass and count.

Shrimp Counted
Shrimp Counted
Countries using BRS-1

Production Impacts

Optimize Feed

Eliminate overfeeding to reduce feed costs and water contamination. Maximize growth rate by adjusting feed to current biomass.

Plan Harvests

Time your shrimp harvest to maximize revenue.

Detect Disease Early

Track density to monitor mortality rate and aid in early disease detection.

Seeing Shrimp with Sound

How the BRS-1 Works

Device Deployment

We provide installation guides and setup instructions. Our team will work with you remotely to select optimal device location and start data collection.

Data Collection

BRS-1 sits under the surface of the pond and collects data using sonar. Raw sonar data is continuously collected and sent to Minnowtech through the cloud for processing.

Data Reporting

Count and biomass are reported to you through the online portal, giving you real-time access to your data. Data can also be accessed through an API* for direct transfer into your systems.

*API: Application Programming Interface

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