Minnowtech’s BRS-1 will be unveiled as part of a launch initiative to invite a select group of industry aquaculture partners to join a special six-month product trial

April 5, 2022, Kekaha, HI – Minnowtech, an aquaculture technology company that enables shrimp farmers to calculate shrimp abundance for optimizing feed and harvest, will host a special digital event, April 21, to introduce the BRS-1, the first-ever subsurface biomass reader for shrimp aquaculture farming.

Until now, shrimp farmers had almost no way of determining how many shrimp were actually in their pond.

With the BRS-1’s groundbreaking subsurface technology, shrimp farmers now can determine the total count and biomass of their shrimp with 95% accuracy, allowing them to rest easy knowing their investment is safe and optimize their harvests and profits.

With shrimp a growing, vital source of protein worldwide, the BRS-1 provides farmers, for the first time, a tech-enabled way to meet global shrimp demand while optimizing their individual livelihoods and fueling local economies.

As part of the BRS-1’s launch event, Minnowtech will introduce its Trial Partnership Program in which Minnowtech’s team will invite and select a limited group of partner organizations to participate in a six-month trial of the BRS-1 biomass reader for shrimp.

Media are invited to attend the live streamed launch event

What: Minnowtech’s Launch Event to Introduce the BRS-1 Shrimp Biomass Reader

When: Thursday, April 21, 2022, 9:00pm ET

Virtual Event Registration: https://minnowtech.com/register

About Minnowtech:
Minnowtech is an aquaculture technology company, founded in Baltimore, MD and with operations in Hawaii, that enables shrimp farmers to measure shrimp biomass with precision. Using Minnowtech’s sonar-based system, shrimp farmers optimize the health and growth of their animals, enhancing harvest of market-size shrimp while minimizing risks to juvenile shrimp. Learn more: www.minnowtech.com

Media Contact:
Ken Berlack