1 Hector = 2.47 Archers

The range for a single device is 1 hectare. The BRS-1 is meant to sit stationary under the surface of the water, five meters from the edge of the pond connected by a cord to a case that is located pond side which houses a computer that records the data and a battery that powers the system.

MSRP $5,000 per device. A $25 per device refundable downpayment will be charged at checkout. A Minnowtech representative will contact you to confirm your purchase(s) before the remaining balance of $4,975 per device is charged.



Type BRS-1 Pondside Electronics
Length 15.4 cm 35 cm
Diameter / Width – Height 12.4 cm W 23.6 cm x H 15.7 cm
Weight (in air/ water) 1.3kg / 0.2kg ~3kg
Max. operating depth 10m Waterproof (IP67 rated),
dustproof, shockproof
AC input voltage 100~240V
Preferred broadband download & upload speed >50 Mbps

About this Product

Biomass Reading System Components:
BRS-1 Device – Sonar device that captures in-pond bio data that is used to determine biomass.
In-pond BRS-1 Stand – Apparatus that holds a BRS-1 in place under the water in a single
Data Cord – Cord that connects the BRS-1 to the data processing components in the Pond Side Case.
Pond Side Case – Sealable, waterproof case that sits pond side and houses a Battery (unless pond side power is available) and the Control Unit that controls the BRS-1, processes the data, and connects to the cloud (if wifi is available).

1 Year Limited Warranty: Subject to the Biomass Reading System Terms and Conditions, a
limited 1 year warranty for all components of our Biomass Reading Systems comes with your purchase. This includes any malfunctions that arise from normal use of the components of our System. This warranty is waived if any component of the System is intentionally deconstructed.

Additional Information

Device Installation and Testing
Easy install, with 24/7 customer support will be provided after purchase

Biomass Readings and Service (No Wifi)(No Pond Side Power):

When taking readings, Minnowtech technicians will connect the Data Cords running from 1 or more BRS-1 deployed devices to Control Units within the Pond Side Cases. Once the Control unit is powered on and connected to the deployed BRS-1, Using the Control Unit, a technician will execute the reading, disconnect the Control Unit from the Data Cord, and move on to the next BRS-1 for further readings.


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