Thank you for using our BRS-1 Payback Calculator. We have put together a calculator to
help you understand how your pond operation costs and production can be improved
with accurate biomass.

Based on your pond and production information, which includes an average pond
size of

hectares and a stocking density of you would need to purchase
BRS1 devices per pond. After 3 shrimp grow-outs of 95% biomass accuracy your total payback will come to

Based of our calculations, you can expect to see in feed savings when you stop
Based off our calculations, you can expect to recover through improved profits
from maximized growth because you are no longer underfeeding.
Motality Event
If you experience mortality on your farm, you can recover up to through
prevented crop-loss and mortality tracking.
To see a full cost break down of your metrics please refer to page two. Do not hesitate
to contact us at